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Do You Have The "Want To"?

NASCAR Xfinity driver David Starr was in Ohio recently for the B&L Transport 170 at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and Rising Stars sponsor and supporter Bill Snow spent a day with David seeing the sights and talking racing. What Bill didn't expect was hearing some great life advice.

Who is David Starr? Starr has a solid, NASCAR racing background. He has 317 starts in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, with four wins and 117 top tens. He also won five poles. He first stared racing in the truck series in 1998. David has 219 starts in the NASCAR Xfinity series with three top ten finishes. He also has 11 starts in the NASCAR Cup series. In 2002 David was named the truck series most popular driver.

So let's get to the Want To.

While Bill and David were traveling in Sandusky and Put-In-Bay for the day they talked about the big waterfront houses and big boats. At one point Bill asked David, "What do think these people do that they can afford these big houses, big boats and spend their summers here?".

David replied, "They have the Want To."

The Want To, as David explained is that desire to be the better, to grow, to learn and to achieve. Not everyone has the Want To. Some seem to be born with it. Others work to develop it. If you don't have it, success is hard to achieve.

Bill and David went on to discuss how the Want To exists in motorsports, specifically NASCAR. There are a lot of drivers that have talent and no funding. Conversely, there are drivers that have funding and talent. One's not necessarily better than the other. However, if the driver with no funding doesn't have the Want To he/she will never make it. They have to work hard each and every day to get noticed, to further develop their talents, and to secure sponsorships.

So, do you have the Want To?

As young racers now is the time to hone your skills and show that you have the desire to win and to be the best. Get out there and run more practice laps. Build up your team's website and Facebook page. Go meet local businesses and tell them about your racing. Get in the gym and work out. Find a charity to partner with. These are all things you can do to show your Want To.

What other ways you can use your Want To to advance your motorsports career?

David Starr Bill Snow Andy Fiffick Rad Air
NASCAR Xfinity Driver David Starr with Bill Snow and Andy Fiffick of Rad Air

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